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Alexia Palacios-Peters


I am a mom, military spouse, attorney, and former educator, and I’m running for the Coronado Unified School District School Board in the 2022 election. As a candidate for the CUSD School Board, I am focused on the best interests of our children, collaboration with our teachers, and serving with transparency and civility.

The best interests of the students

Our primary job is the education of our students. Every decision made must consider what is best for our students. As a school board trustee, this question will be part of every decision I make for our district. Our students deserve rigorous curriculum, quality teachers, and a safe environment in which to learn. A safe learning environment includes freedom from bullying, cyberbullying, and discrimination based upon gender, race, sexual orientation, or disability. Our students have dealt with unprecedented challenges over the past two years and they need to feel safe and secure in their environment in order to maximize learning. Depression and other mental health issues are on the rise and our students need to know the district and the community support them.


As a school board member, collaboration with teachers is essential to serving the needs of our students. Teachers are in the classroom, day in and day out. They best know the students’ educational and social-emotional levels and they are our frontline advocates for reviewing and adapting curriculum. Teachers are an asset to our district and community. They have overcome extraordinary challenges over the past two years and now, more than ever, need the support of our community. I value and respect teachers’ thoughts and opinions, and as a school board member I would welcome the opportunity to work with teachers and staff.


Transparency and civility on the school board are necessary to lead our district into the next chapter. School board decisions need to be a transparent process accomplished through open communication with parents, students, and staff. Being a trustee of the school board is not a one-person job. It is an effort of community and collaboration with other trustees and community stakeholders. Civility with the community and amongst trustees is essential so every voice is heard and board business can be conducted. We won’t always agree, and that’s okay, but we need to listen to each other’s opinions and ideas, treat one another with respect, and model civil discourse and the democratic process for our children. As a school board trustee, I will welcome public comment on issues before the school board and provide respectful and civil representation of our community.

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