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Meet Coronado Unified School Board Candidate

Alexia Palacios-Peters

About Coronado Youth

I first moved to Coronado as a young military spouse in 2005. I spent three years living on the island before the Navy life pulled us away. In 2018, my husband and I returned with our three school-age children and fell in love with the Coronado community all over again. With my husband’s military career near its end, we bought a house and decided to make Coronado our forever home.

I was born and raised in South Texas, the daughter of a public-school teacher and an accountant. I am a product of public schools and as early as third grade wanted to become a teacher. I grew up learning the value of education and hard work by watching my parents. My mom obtained her Ph.D. while raising 5 children and working full time, and my dad taught full-time at the local community college while also owning an accounting firm. My mother was the first Latina inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame in 2014. Hard work and determination are embedded in my family.

I attended the University of Texas at Austin and graduated in 2002 with a degree in Elementary Education with a specialty in Early Childhood Education. Educating children from an early age through play, social interaction with peers, and modeled behavior gives them the foundation upon which to build. I taught Pre-Kindergarten in the Austin Independent School District before the Navy prompted my first move.

Once settled in Coronado, I attended California Western School of Law with the intention to practice educational law. To this end, I obtained a specialization in Child, Family, and Elder Law.

Over the course of my legal career, I have worked with victims of domestic violence, immigrants, and Veterans. I assisted victims of domestic violence in obtaining restraining orders against their abusers, protecting not only women and men, but often children in the home. Some children suffered child abuse and had to seek restraining orders against a parent. I assisted immigrants on asylum cases, including children caught in the system. Currently, I work on Veteran’s cases which focus on government reimbursement for qualified military disabilities.

My varied career path stems from that of a military spouse. I am a member of the bar not only in California, but also in Texas, Virginia, and the Supreme Court of the United States. I earned my LL.M from the George Washington University Law School, and I did all of this while raising three children and supporting my husband through five deployments. However, my story is not unique – these are the hurdles all military spouses and families face.

My perspective as a military spouse and parent will ensure that every student in our district has his or her voice represented, even if they don’t vote in California.

I have brought compassion, empathy, and a drive to find solutions in every endeavor I’ve undertaken. And now I seek to bring these qualities to the CUSD School Board.

Alexia's Commitment to Community

Coronado is a great place to be a kid – from our beautiful beaches, to our parks, to the Ferry Landing – our children are able to thrive in our community.

Our schools are a central and integral part of our children’s ability to learn and thrive. Below are the various ways I am involved in our community.


  • CMS SSC – member, 2021-2022
  • CUSD Budget Study committee – member, 2021 – 2022
  • Coronado Band and Choir Boosters – Treasurer, 2018 to present
  • CMS Band Disney trip – chaperone, 2018 – present
  • CHS tennis – JV assistant coach, Spring and Fall 2021
  • CMS Eighth Grade promotion committee – co-chair, 2021
  • ECDC Walk to Read – volunteer, 2018-2019
  • Village Elementary Library – volunteer, 2019-2020
  • PTO CHS – member, 2021 to present
  • PTO CMS – member, 2018 to present
  • PTO Village Elementary – member, 2018 – present
  • Coronado: Local Community

  • I currently serve as President of the Board for SAFE Harbor Coronado. My role is to oversee the Board of Directors and the governance of SAFE Harbor Coronado. This work is volunteer.
  • I have been a member of the Coronado Junior Woman’s Club since 2018, and currently serve as the representative to the Southern District for the California Federation of Women’s Clubs where I am the Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence prevention coordinator for the Southern District. As the DV and SV prevention coordinator, I plan programs throughout the year for woman’s clubs in the Southern District and compile reports of events conducted by all 17 clubs. I have also served as the chair for the Flower Show Youth Section since 2019. In this role, I facilitate the kindergarten bean plates project, and events for children in the Youth Section of the show. This work is volunteer.
  • I am a member of the Coronado Woman’s Club, and participate in promoting philanthropy in the Coronado community. I also function as a liaison to Coronado Junior Woman’s Club. I make sure that information flows between the clubs. This work is volunteer.
  • I was a t-ball coach for the Coronado Little League in 2018. I was the head coach for a team of 5–6-year-olds. I conducted practices and coached approximately 8 games. This work was volunteer.
  • Military Community

  • I currently serve as the Chair for the League of Wives Memorial Project. My role is to oversee the Board and fulfill the mission to place a memorial statue to Mrs. Sybil Stockdale and the League of Wives in Coronado. This work is volunteer.
  • I have served as the President, Vice-President, and Parliamentarian for the Naval Officers’ Spouses Club of San Diego from the years between 2007 to 2020. As parliamentarian, I maintained the club’s bylaws and updated them every two years. As Vice-President, I coordinated the small groups of the club, to include the Book Club and Bunco Club, and filled in for the President as necessary. As President, I ran Board meetings, oversaw the volunteer-run Sand Dollar shops, and made sure that each committee fulfilled its duties. This work was volunteer.

  • I was a religious education teacher at Sacred Heart Church from 2018 through 2021. I taught the second-grade class. This work was volunteer.

  • I am a member of MANA de San Diego and work on the Advocacy Committee. We discuss issues of importance to the Latinx community and determine whether the organization should endorse or support a particular project. This work is volunteer.
  • I served on the Board of Directors for the California Western School of Law Alumni Association from 2008 to 2014. This Board oversees the strategic direction of the Association and assists the Office of Alumni Engagement in its mission to foster and nurture meaningful, lifelong, mutually beneficial connections, and relationships. This work was volunteer.

  • I served as a little league coach for Arlington Babe Ruth baseball. I was the head coach for a team of 5–6-year-olds. I conducted practices and coached at every game. This work was volunteer.
  • I was a member of the Military Spouse Juris Doctor Network. I worked with military spouses across the United States to obtain bar admission requirements specifically for military spouses to be able to waive into the state bar association without taking the bar examination, which allows spouses to continue to practice law despite military relocations. This work was volunteer.
  • I was a member at large for the DC Texas Exes, an alumni organization for the University of Texas at Austin. I assisted in hosting events for the members and recruiting new members. This work was volunteer.
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